Our company is well regarded as a specialist with regard to the global distribution of chemical products. Whether it is industrial chemicals or fast moving consumer goods, Staples International has a vast array of shipping services which facilitate the diverse requirement of our client base.

The main area of specialisation within our company for the chemical industry is the dedicated team we have who handle the global distribution of hazardous chemicals by land, sea and air. Our team, who are bespokely trained for these intricate chemical shipments, are continually updated and trained by our own Dangerous Goods Safety Advisor, ensuring a safe, reliable and cost effective solution for each client within the chemicals industry.

Our company's transportation of chemical goods is held in very high regard by some of the UK's largest household names and prominent companies throughout the global community.

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Middle East Distribution

During the last decade, our business to the Middle East has grown year on year and is now the most prominent part of our business.

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